My Little Bear

So, in getting ready to revamp my portfolio (changes coming soon!) I found the baby picture of my pittie-mix Gracie. The first couple were taken before I got her (I found them on her foster mom’s Facebook page) and the rest are a collection from the past two years that I’ve had her. I thought I’d share them with you because I wouldn’t dare deny anyone her cuteness. That would be too cruel.

Gracie is a mutt I adopted from Second Chance Dalmatian Rescue and the reason I fight against breed discrimination. She is a 40lb ball of love and affection with a bad back leg that has never gotten in her way.


That was your 15 photo interlude of cuteness. Now remember: adopt, pitbulls and pit-mixes are actually the best dogs, don’t leave your dog in the car in the heat and don’t feed them people food! Now be on your merry way. : )

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