Christmas in July – Weihnachten im Juli

Can I tell you how much I love Christmas in July? It’s been a tradition with both my dad and my step-dad that I watch as many Lifetime/Hallmark Christmas T.V. movies with each of them every year. This year I happened to be around for Christmas in July and there is nothing better than taking a break from life and 90 degree weather to eat some ice cream and enjoy the unapologetic sappiness of Christmas movies. I’m sad that I’ll be in L.A. this year for Christmas and won’t be able to watch them with my family but thanks to Netflix I will still be able to share in the Christmas movie joy!

Currently watching: Dear Santa

On another note, my endeavor to become a polyglot has officially begun and thanks to Reddit, is well supported. I officially have 4 penpals in other countries that I am excited to get to know and share with. I’m venturing into camera swapping and art collaboration by mail as well. I’ll make sure to post when I start getting all of these interesting things!

Reddit has renewed my obsession with languages. I’m going to be continuing my German studies for now and my next goal is to learn/remember enough to read a book in German. Once I move I hope to find another Chinese teacher to keep up with that as well. I want to at least learn German, Mandarin, French, Hebrew and Arabic. Being able to connect with and talk to native speakers will be a huge help.  I love the internet.

Currently reading: Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling

Oh, and if anyone is interested, I have a killer international music playlist on Spotify that everyone should listen to. Subscribe.

Currently listening to: C’est Pas Grave – Therese

One thought on “Christmas in July – Weihnachten im Juli

  1. Hi Alyssa,
    thinking about Christmas in July always gives me Gehirnknoten (knots in the brain). I guess I need a snowy winter to get me into my Weihnachtsstimmung (christmas mood). But if you like it, why not?
    Joyeuses Fêtes ! Frohes Fest ! 圣诞快乐 !

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