So, I moved to Los Angeles.

Yep. I packed up my little two door car with whatever would fit in the trunk, grabbed my dog and two best friends (Sandi and Gwen) and drove from Ohio to Los Angeles.


Ok, this is in Albuquerque but it’s a good summary of the packing job.

We drove to New Orleans first to visit my friends Jen and David for a day. We had an epic time eating delicious food, shopping and listening to all of the amazing pick-up jazz bands that would play on the streets. We even danced in the rain on the bank of the Mississippi. It was pretty amazing and I miss Louisiana already.

IMG_0714Aren’t Jen and David adorable?



Next we drove an insane 20 hours to Albuquerque, NM, which was probably once of the worst drives for us. Being cooped up in a jam-packed car that long is not very fun. We decided to do AirBnB so the house that we finally arrived at was beautiful. In the morning, the woman who owns the house made us Huevos Rancheros and gave us a wonderful send-off. On our way out of town we swung by Walter White’s house for a quick look and made a stop by the Rattlesnake Museum to pick up Craig Ferguson’s rattlesnake mug for my mom.



From there it was on to Sedona, the most beautiful land I have ever seen. We were surrounded by red rocks and amazing landscapes. The AirBnB place we stayed in way phenomenal. We collapsed inside with all of our stuff and everything we could possibly need was waiting for us. Jocelyn had set up this wonderful private cottage with full amenities and it was heaven after this long trip. We spent a day in Sedona and wandered around the downtown which is wonderful in a touristy way. Lots of magic, UFO and paranormal energies and shops.

During this trip we had signed up for GISHWHES (if you don’t know what that is, please, look it up and participate in the next one) and had some tasks to complete for our team: GISHWizardslovesAgoraphobicLobsters. The second half of our day was spent at the gorgeous Grand Canyon. We claimed it as our own and raged against the dying of the light. It was one of the greatest bonding experiences we could ever share.







This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

Leaving Sedona was tough but we decided to make one more stop in the most haunted town in the United States: Jerome, AZ. We had one more GISHWHES task to complete:


At this point, Gracie was tired of walking up mountains and my car (Walt as I so fondly named him) was having a rough time too. So we packed ourselves in and made the rest of the journey to Los Angeles.

Now I am here and it’s already been a great experience. I’m staying on a couch until my room is ready but it’s only been a week and I’ve already been asked in for a few job interviews (one of which I am seriously crossing my fingers for). I have coffee and dinner dates set up with old and new friends and family. I even got to reunite with a childhood family friend who is an absolute delight.

I think I made one of the best decisions I ever could in deciding to move here and I am enjoying it so much already. I am getting back to what I wanted to do with my life and doing creative things with creative people. It was an amazing journey to get here and hopefully it will continue to be.


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