I’m a candle snob. It’s come up a surprising amount since I’ve moved. I can’t help it though. My hometown was founded by candle-makers and no other candles can compare to the quality of that lineage.


Apparently they sell these candles here which is exciting for me. Once my current stash is gone I am going to be seeking more out or ordering from the website. There’s just something about the smell of each one that will trigger some great memories. The store itself is wonderful. They have every candle accouterment you would need and they help you to design your space around the candles based on color and fragrance. There’s also an awesome outlet in the back for candles that don’t meet the quality standards. Personally, I couldn’t care less if my candle is the wrong color or the label is off-center.


A.I. Root Candle Factory was what built Medina, Ohio back when Cleveland was the steel capital and they were still using linotypes. The history of the town was integral to our history classes, our mascots were bees and we could never have a real Christmas without a Cranberry candle.


There’s only so much I can say about candles I guess but just know, as I sit in my apartment in L.A., I have a Blissful Sunrise candle sitting right next to me.

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