My name is Alyssa and I am a geek.

There, now that it’s out in the open it shouldn’t come as any surprise to you. Don’t believe me? Seriously? All right, you asked for it. Here is a link to my Tumblr


I am an Ohio-native living in Los Angeles. I have a degree in Advertising & Graphic Design from Columbus College of Art & Design (CCAD) with a minor in copywriting and an emphasis on illustration. I am currently working as a Designer at Activision, handling everything from internal requests to large-scale company projects. Previously, I was a Presentation Designer for Edelman where I got to help the western region teams convey their messages to a wide variety of clients.

Prior to my move to Los Angeles I was employed by McGraw-Hill Education and spent my time learning the various intricacies of educational design. In Columbus I was also the Social Media Assistant at Expand Socially, taught 5th Grade Drawing Into Color for CCAD’s Saturday Morning Art Classes and ran a group called Worth a Shot made up of volunteer artists that photographed adoptable animals.

When I’m not working I am usually kicking a soccer ball for my dog Gracie, live-tweeting superhero shows, and playing Overwatch with my coworkers (I’ve got all the healsss). I spend a lot of my time with my Little Sister as a member of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles and playing softball in a local league. My dreams for the distant future are to own a holodeck, be the voice of a Disney princess and possibly become bionic.

I am excited to be able to discover new ways to communicate ideas, transform spaces and make the implausible a reality. If you want to know more about me you can email me at or follow me on TwitterFacebookPinterestLinkedInGoogle+ or ThisIsMyJam. Otherwise you can contact me via the web form below because I’d love to get to know you.

Live long and prosper.

– Alyssa



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