Student Work – Columbus College of Art & Design

First Book – Quest for Literacy Campaign

An ad campaign to encourage donations to the non-profit First Book. Full page spread ads and in-store coupon dispensers. The copywriting and illustrations were done by me and reflected the style of the books they referenced.

First Book – Second Quest for Literacy Campaign

A second ad campaign to encourage donations to the non-profit First Book. The style inspiration was drawn from The First Book of Jazz. The ads describe a scavenger hunt meant to encourage parents to join forces with their children to collect pictures of local landmarks. First Book would send a branded disposable camera to competitors along with a list of famous places in their area. Parents and their children team up to take photos of all of those places, develop them and send them in to receive a special coupon from First Book. In collaboration with Borders, each purchase made with the coupon resulted in a donation of one book to First Book.


Medina Raptor Center – Ad Series and Branding


Half Priced Books – Ad Series


Nooka – Identity and Website Design


Fortune – Digital Publication Design


Packaging and Product Design

Perfume Bottle – A double scent perfume bottle based on paintings by Piet Mondrian. The bottle splits in half and contains scents for both morning and evening. It comes in a jewelry box with a bracelet that contains small samples of each scent in the two red blocks on the bracelet for application when out on the town.

Tubbles Soap Design – a soap for children, fitted to a child’s hand size. There is a hole in the middle to blow bubbles through and a bubble wand inside so that when the soap is gone the fun doesn’t have to end. The packaging is made of biodegradable plastic. the bottom half separates from the top to serve as a soap dish. The top is double sided with one side containing instructions for fun tub games for kids and has a magnet imbedded so that it can be placed on the fridge.